Introduction to Getting Results with Positive Accountability


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Introduction to Getting Results with Positive Accountability

Hello, and welcome to getting results with positive accountability. My name is Dr. David Arrington. I’m going to be your host facilitator, guide instructor for this journey. And I’m excited you’re here and I’m excited that we are together because this is one of my favorite topics. accountability is one of my favorite topics, hands down when it comes to leadership development. And the purpose of this video is specifically just to let you know how to get the most out of this course and how to acclimate you so you understand how the course is structured, what to expect and where to find things.

So let’s jump into the course overview. This course is chock full of great ideas, great concepts when it comes to leveraging accountability to increase morale productivity, and engagement on your team. What I want you to see is how accountability can be leveraged to create a high performing team, with the team you already have with the staff you already have. Now before you go shaking your head before you just turn off the the entire process, right? Know stick with me. When we increase accountability, you will see your team step up to the plate. And that’s what we’re going to go through this entire process is that’s fundamentally what we’re trying to do.

And we’re doing that in 13 lessons. Lesson One is what is accountability? lesson two is a world without accountability. lesson three is praise, positive accountability, proactive or reactive. lesson four is the accountability breakthrough. Lesson five is breaking the victim cycle. Lesson six is moving from micromanagement to accountability. Lesson seven is the case for personal accountability. Lesson eight is the heart of accountability.

Lesson nine is setting achievable goals lesson 10 is peer accountability. Lesson 11 is creating an accountability culture and lesson 12 is accountability and bad behavior or conflict. And lesson 13. We put it all together, we put a bow on it, we share some additional resources, and we let you go on your way. Now, how do you get the most out of this course? How do you use this course? One, ask questions just because I’m online. And this is a virtual setting doesn’t mean it’s completely one directional. No. If you ask questions, if you have questions, ask them in the comments. And myself or someone on my team will be notified and we’ll answer those comments. So this is designed to be more of an interactive hybrid type experience. quizzes. Yeah, you’re gonna get quizzes. I want to find out if the points are landing. Now guess what the quizzes are just designed to reinforce concepts from the lessons.

They’re not Designed to punish you. They’re, they’re easy. They’re there are no stress quizzes, okay? But there will be quizzes. And you can earn course credit as you go through this course. Now these this course credit is good on our site and they’re going to be other benefits, but you got to take the course and earn the credits to find out what that’s going to be. Now, upon completion, you will earn a certificate of completion that you can print out and put on your wall, if you want. And then any materials, the handouts, the downloads, they’re all going to be above the videos on the lesson pages. So I’m pretty sure there’s a materials tab or the Ruby one right above my head here, about here right there. So if there’s something to download, it will be there. And you can find it and download it there. This is designed to be a no stress teaching and training environment. One I like to have fun so I’ll crack some jokes. They may not all be funny, but come on.

You know, just just work with me here. But I want you to enjoy this course at your pace and on your schedule. It doesn’t require you to be anywhere at any given time. You can. If something is unclear, you can rewind and watch it again, you can listen to this course, like a podcast because we provide you with the audio only of every single lesson. So if you want to listen to it, as you’re, you know, out on a jog or whatever you’re doing, you can take this course with you and listen, you can speed it up, or slow it down. I don’t mind I talk fast sometimes. So you may want to slow me down. Or if you’re like me, every audio book I listened to I listened to almost at two times. So if you want to speed me up, that’s great as well. You can have it on in the background. Again, it’s not like you have to sit and and be here for a specific hour.

Most of the the courses I’m sorry, most of the lessons during this course, are 45 minutes or less, most around 30 minutes or so. So it’s designed to be consumed in bite sized manageable portions. You can listen to this or watch it on your phone. So you don’t even have to be in front of your computer, you can log into the site directly from your phone and watch it that way as well. And again, you can take this on your commute, take it to the gym. But the whole point is number seven, that you enjoy the process that this doesn’t add any more stress to you that this isn’t a big deal. It’s going to be interactive. We will have questions and answers. I’ll answer your questions.

And it’s designed to be an enjoyable process. And after the course, like I said, I’m going to share some additional resources with you. I know one is my book, promotable. Another is my leadership community that you may be interested in. But I’m gonna ask right now for a five star course review, because if you don’t ask you’ll never get it. So I’m asking right now. If you enjoy the course Feel free to drop a review On the course at the end.

And of course, just like if we were in a live training environment, I would have a feedback form because I’m always trying to do this better. So I love to get your feedback on how you enjoy the course what you got out of it, and any other ideas or thoughts you’d like to share. But with that, I’m done with the introduction and the welcome. I’m ready to jump into the main course and I hope you are too. So we’re going to end this video and the next time I see you you were going to be in lesson one. But between then and now, make today count

No materials for this, but I wanted to show you were you can find the downloads in other lessons.